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Capture cookie information on failed synthetic journeys



As a means of troubleshooting failed synthetic journeys it would be helpful to capture and provide details of Cookies that had been set as part of failed journeys.

Is this possible as part of the new Dynatrace platform?;



You can access cookies from server side perspective. They are kept in request header so you can create request attribute and you should see them there.



Hey @sebastian k., thanks for the response.

When you say access the cookies from server side, is this from the applications that i'm testing with Synthetics or is this function within the Dynatrace portal?

You asked question in Dynatrace forum, so I assume that you are using this product. You can than have agent installed on application host and monitor it server side 🙂

I'm only using the Synthetic part of the Dynatrace tool and so installing a dynatrace agent on the application is non starter for me.

Is there any way to find the cookie details purely from the use of the Dynatrace Synthetic product?

Dynatrace synthetic classic is different product than dynatrace, so your question should be moved to different category. I will not help with Synthetic Classic unfortunately.

Hi, Synthetic Classic runs from as i'm aware. The instance of Synthetic checks i'm using is on platform.

If there's a better forum to post this on i'd be happy to post this question elsewhere..

Hi Jake,

this is the correct forum to post in and you correctly tagged it as 'Synthetic Monitors'. You can also add 'Synthetic Monitoring' so more people see it. I have added this.
I am not aware of a way to get the Cookie details on failure in Dynatrace Synthetic, assuming you don't also have RUM. This would make a great Product Idea. You can post them here and select 'Dynatrace Product Ideas' for the forum. Best wishes, Hannah

Hi Hannah,

Thanks for the response. I'll post this as a product idea.

Fingers crossed! 🙂

Ok my bad, so when you are using synthetics, it should also be viewable from Application Side. In such case you should be able to define Session/UserAction properties based on cookies:

In such case you should get what you want 🙂