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Changes to Management Zone Rule - How quickly they get applied to affected entities



Does anyone know how long one has to wait for management zone (MZ) rule changes to get reflected on the affected entities? 


I some time see the changes take quite a bit of time, from some minutes to hours in some cases. 

from environment perspective, there are thousands of entities, a couple dozen rule across same number of  MZs.


Appreciate some insight, may be some ideas to "speed up the process".



Thanks. Tibebe


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

I have seen it depend on the number of entities in your Dynatrace environment. If you have 10K entities then it could take 15-45 mins for the MZ rules new or modified to apply. But if you have a environment with much less, say 1k, it should be almost instantaneous. 


Being that you are managed, that also adds another element as if your supporting node for the environment is not the correct size, it could make the MZ applying process take even longer. 


Managed Sizing: 


Thanks Chad.


yes 10K entities are involved. We did go through sizing exercise a couple of times but not because of MZ rules but transaction storage. 


Thanks. Tibebe


You're welcome. I tend to tell people that the changes will take affect over the course of the hour.  Dynatrace was working on a new backend process for this function to run faster. not sure where they stand with that and it coming out to GA