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Citrix Netscaler VIP, Service and Service Group tagging


My company is leveraging the Citrix NetScaler Plugin and we would like to associate app front end VIP, Service or Service Groups to specific Management Zones.

Today it seems we can add NetScaler to a Mgt zone by custom tag on the device or by the device name, but we cannot add only specific VIPs, Service or Service Groups. There is no ability to tag those sub components or filter for them in the Management Zone today. I can configure a NetScaler device down to a specific VIP, Service and Service Group. Then I can add that whole device to the Management Zone. Down side is there can be a scenario that I have multiple NetScaler device configurations in DT for the same device connecting every 5 min pulling specific VIP data. This could possibly cause overhead. 

Trying to see if any one as asked for this enhancement or if its coming as an improvement to the existing plugin.