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Create a cross environment from two separated environments


Hi community,


i want to create a cross-environment. I have environment "A" and environment "B" in my Dynatrace Management and i want to create an environment "AB", a clone of "A" and "B" together, with agents, data, metrics and so on.

Is this possible to do? And how can i achieve this goal?



Thank you Radoslaw for your answer, they are very interesting features. But i think about another situation.

For example, can i duplicate a single environment "A" in an environment "B", exactly with same dashboards, same agents, same data, same metrics, but separated? I mean, "A" can't comunicate with "B" and the other way around, so i can see same hosts with same oneagents.

Is possibile duplicate/clone an entire environment and make the "child" separated from the "parent"?

Sorry for my poor description, i hope it can ben understood. Thanks

No. It’s not possible. OneAgent can report to one and only one environment at a time.

Senior Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert

Thank you, i tried it