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Create service based on Key Requests?

Hi guys,n

Is there a way to create a service for dynamic or key requests?

Customer are willing to see some of their dynamic requests as a service.

How can we do that?

Yos @Gil G.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

This is currently not possible. Why do they want to have those requests as services? what is the reason behind this?

Hi Michael,

Actually they want to see this key request in the service flow as a speared service and to be able to see its measures in terms of response time cpu failures and throughput as any other service since for them those request play a major role in their application.


Hello. I have received two requests similar to this from my customer (SAP). Is there any way at all to separate requests just by their URLs? The reason they want this is:

a) Because their endpoints in their apps are only distinguished by URL. Filters would not be enough in this case, because this are actually separate endpoints and they want the full functionality a service provides.

b) Because they wanted to create a service from 3rd party providers ( but domains ( are too big, and they would want to separate by subdomains (,

Is there any chance this could be supported in the future?



Hi Yos,

You can go to the service flow, and add a filter from that page for the specific request. Example:

Notice that the /prescriptions request is being shown here, so all of the information in the service flow corresponds to only that request. You can add this filtering on several views throughout Dynatrace, as well as even pin some of these to dashboards. I believe this gets you most of the information you are looking for based on your comment back to Michael.



Hi Hayden,

Yes ,that will be good to start with.

Will use it

Thanks for your help


No worries, Yos. Glad to help