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Database metrics not available from monitored DB server


In one of the application environments , Dynatrace is installed across web/app/ DB tiers.

The problem I face is there is no Database metrics available under the DB server host in Dynatrace.

Even though I execute actions or run scripts that touch web->App-> DB, no DB specific metrics are available like SQL Metrics . I can see only Server Health Metrics for this server.

Even under the "Databases" section in the left navigation pane, I don't see this DB server listed.

When I navigate to this server under "hosts" I see that "Oracle" Process is listed.

But, If I goto Deployment Status ->All hosts->"this db server", I don't see the "Oracle" process monitored.

How do I enable monitoring for this Oracle process??

Note - I did not select "INFRASTRUCTURE MONITORING ONLY" while generating the installation commands.

Server has been bounced and still no difference.



Hello Srivanthsan,

As the Dynatrace OneAgent does not monitor the database process directly, I would just start the agent on that host in Infrastructure only mode. I would then run through those scripts that hit the DB and check the database section of Dynatrace.


David Nicholls


For Oracle best will be Database agent, already on the road map.


Thanks for the responses guys !

I have found out the reason why we are not able to see the metrics specific to DB.

Its a PeopleSoft application and the Tuxedo drivers are not supported yet by Dynatrace as on today .

A database agent would solve this in future