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Deep dive into databases - Progress update?

Good morning all!

I remember hearing sometime back, it might have even been at PERFORM2019 in Vegas that Dynatrace was working to not just see databases and the calls to them from where the OneAgent has been installed, but would have the ability to actually monitor the database itself in detail.

Curious as to the progress around this and more so with Oracle databases and PostgreSQL.

Any updates?



Hello Larry, i have had today a call with my contact specialist on Dynatrace about this topic asking the same question. They will investigate and come back to me on this topic, may be next week. As soon as i have fresh information , i will share with you. I have the same doubt, so far today i can only see the calls to the DB, response time, time by excecutions and total excecutions. Inside DB and deep analysis not possible yet

Thank you Antonio! Yes please, any information you can obtain and provide would be great! This is something missing today that I feel is needed badly.


Maybe you are referring Oracle Database Insights?

Afaik, this is Oracle only so far, but other databases are planned as well.

Thanks! Looks like it was posted on December 6, 2018 and the EAP appears to be closed. I wonder what the status on it is going GA?

I remember from some post fews weeks ago that it should become beta very soon.

@Jakub M. - Any status update around Oracle Database Insights and when it might go GA? Thanks!