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Disaster recovery for Dynatrace Managed Offline



I am currently installing an offline Dynatrace Managed server on a temporary VM (one node only), and I will have to migrate this server to a physical server in some weeks/months. This physical server will be cloned in another datacenter to ensure disaster recovery. The recovery server will be passive.

Data will be stored locally on the physical disk of the server and thus will have to be replicated at night on the recovery server.

My questions about the migration are:

- Is it possible to migrate data and configuration by adding the physical server to the VM cluster knowing that sizing and technology are different?

- If not (I heard that 3 identical nodes are necessary), is it possible to migrate the data and configuration from the VM cluster to the physical one with the backup/restore method, knowing that the sizing, technology (VMWare to physical) and IP of the servers will be different.

About the disaster recovery topic:

- Is it possible to install oneagents that report data to a VIP instead of the DT server DNS alias/IP address/hostname? The idea is to be able, in case of a disaster, to start the recovery server and reroute agents traffic to the new DT server by reconfiguring the VIP? My actual Windows oneagent automatically replaces the DNS alias/hostname with DT server IP address when I install it (support ticket open about that).

- I read that I will need to ask for another license to cover my recovery server. Is it a standard procedure?

Thank you in advance for your wise answers.



Any idea on these points?



I am writing you because in the following days I will need to install a Dynatrace managed server offline. Are you able to describe the procedure? Do you need a proxy for the connection to Mission Control?

Kind regards,

Antonio V.