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Discrepancy between DCRUM's server time vs Managed's Purepath, and also discrepancy between Purepath and UserAction Duration

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

In my past experience with DCRUM and AppMon's Purepath, there would always be discrepancy and it would be small. But now, I see a huge discrepancy between DCRUM and Managed's Purepath. (and it happen quite often)

As you can see in diagram above, I purposely choose a timeframe where there is only one transaction to make sure we eliminate other 'noise' in our discussion.

Now, let's look at this diagram below:

In this diagram, I capture the purepath details as well in case any of you would somehow need the info. Anyway, the things that matter to me is again, to show that within the timeframe, there is only one purepath, and thus only one user action correspond to it, which is expected. Great.

BUT, as the last diagram (the diagram below) shown, the user action duration is shorter than the Purepath's duration. I wonder how's that possible, isn't it that user action should always longer than purepath duration? To make sure I am looking at the correct data, I try to "drill back" to the purepath from this user action, and it indeed bring me back to the same purepath before.

Also, the time period shown (as marked by 'btw' by me in the last diagram) seems to be a bug?

Thanks again if you've read it until here, so although this is only one post in the forum, but there're actually 3 doubts:

1. Huge Discrepancy between DCRUM's server time and Purepath duration.

2. User action larger than purepath duration

3. A bug of time period shown in 'purepath' dashboard somehow

Since it involved two product, I posted this in both DCRUM and Managed Forum.



Hi Chan,

Please find my response in the link below. Hope it helps!

Kind regards,