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Does Cross-Environment-tracing work for environments of different Dynatrace Clusters?




Dynatrace have interesting feature - Cross-Environment-tracing

it is in early-adopted

blog  post -



but I did not find Technical description and limitations 

I am interested in the question Does Cross-Environment-tracing work for environments of different Dynatrace Clusters?


Could you please tell me? 


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

No, unfortunately it works only within same cluster.

You need additional configuration to set up cross-cluster communication. See REST API here:


and read this blog post how to do it via UI:



Actually, it does work between clusters. I have to argue with @Radoslaw,  But you won't see the full trace - for example it's not possible to see a service flow across different dynatrace environments. But for a particular external service, you can follow the traces to other Dynatrace environment - the other environment UI will open up for you and the context is passed. This even does not need any interconnection of those clusters nor the W3C headers. 

Secondly, you get the ability to put data from a remote environment onto your dashboard. For this you need the connection to the cluster (not Cluster ActiveGate in case of managed, but the Cluster address itself). But beware - tokens do not have scope limit - so any environment having the token will have access to all data that can be put on the dashboard. 

ah true! Thanks for correcting me! I've updated my answer and shared 2 useful links. 


@Radoslaw_Szulgo @Julius_Loman 

Thank you very much for the answer !