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Does Dynatrace Managed On-Prem include the Synthetic Engine?


For Dynatrace Managed on-prem solution, does it include a Synthetic engine? If we have internal sites to be monitored by Synthetic, can we just add a private software agent then integrated with Dynatrace Managed? or we have to use Dynatrace Synthetic SaaS to monitor these internal URLs then report back data from Synthetic SaaS to Managed on-prem?




Yes, but you need to install a Public security gateway (separate server from the dynatrace server, and the ip of the server HAS to be public). The software has to be downloaded from the administration interface, not from the environment interface. I recently was in a POC with dynatrace managed, we installed a psg, but the ip was not public, so we could not test the synthetic monitoring, because it cannot contact the locations where to run your transactions.

Hope it helps.

Antonio V.


Thanks Antonio. In your case, your Dynatrace Managed goes out via psg to run Synthetic monitors in different location over internet. In my case, we just need to test our Synthetic monitor internally, so we just need a separate private software agent (Synthetic agent) On-Prem to download software from Managed On-Prem to run Synthetic monitors against the internal web sites. Correct?

No, synthetic checks are (at the moment) always external. You can't do synthetic checks for your private sites unless you publish them on the internet (you may want to firewall them for IP adresses of dynatrace locations). Synthetic checks are always performed from dynatrace locations across the globe.

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You should be able to get a list of IP ranges (DT Managed uses AWS servers to test so a broad list for sure can be obtained by AWS, you may be able to get a more defined list from DT if they use VPC's) so you can still secure access (to the server that has the PSG) to the range of IP's from the location of synthetic monitors you've chosen, then forward the data to DT Managed server from the public security gateway.

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

Seems like now it is possible already:

Note that this only covers the HTTP tests, not the full browser monitors. While the HTTP tests are also very useful, expecially for API monitoring etc., the full browser-based monitors are what's required in most cases. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but the HTTP tests don't for example render JavaScript. So if you want to validate your web site's contents after JS is rendered, you'll need the full browser tests. I believe an EAP for that should be coming at some point too.