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Does Dynatrace support service level monitoring in Datapower.



Hi Lohit,

Dynatrace does not support service level monitoring for Datapower like the OneAgent provides for other supported technologies. There is the Datapower plugin that gives insight into some Datapower metrics and can show the Datapower instances as proxy devices in the service flow. See more on the Datapower plugin here.




Hi @Lohit R.

I am not 100% sure your exactly requirement, but after the DataPower plugin was configured in our environment, we were able to pick up each of the DataPower Services as a service in Dynatrace. This would then allow us to alert on these services if we add the necessary tags to the Service.

Please see this screenshot, is this what you are looking for?

Hi! @Barry L.

Can you expand in "we were able to pick up each of the DataPower Services as a service in Dynatrace" i would assume that you see it like a "proxy" kind of thing? No insight but you see that the purepath have it in the chain of service?

and what did you mean by "if we add the necessary tags to the Service".

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Dante P.

Previously we had all these services going to Unmonitored hosts and now we can see the individual services per Datapower service operation.

After we configured a single DataPower device on our environment, we were able to see the DataPower metrics in the technology stack.

This then also gave an IP to the other services as a reference to the DataPower devices we have in the environment and the Dynatrace agent then automagically registered and knew that our services are speaking to the DataPower.

If you have other OneAgents in full stack mode and they are making calls to DataPower, each of the service operations that is being called in the Datapower are now listed as a web service. Each service like the screenshot above then gives you the other services speaking too it.

From a proxy perspective, that is not in place as yet in our environment as we still have the MQ, IIB and F5 bits after the DataPower that is supposed to link the DataPower to the other Services.

What I mean by the adding of necessary tags...that is from an alerting perspective, I can now alert on the DataPower service having errors or slow response by adding tags to the "service". Adding a tag to say that a datapower operation has a tag named TeamA, we can then in the alerting profile create a profile where the Tag is TeamA and when that occurs, they will then be alerted via the Problem notification/integration.

Hope this is sufficient.



@Barry L. Oh! i see, in our deployment datapower is like an internal etl where services are calling but most of the time also being call. Per your screenshot i see that is not "detecting" any outgoing call. When you say "Datapower Services" you mean the webservice?

One last thing if i may, your datapower is a "Datapower Gateway"? if so, witch version?