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Does anyone have any details on how to setup Dynatrace Managed Synthetics?


My customer desires to setup Dynatrace Synthetics for some of their web-based internal applications.

We have a Dynatrace Managed Cluster setup and were told during a meeting that we will need a Security Gateway configured to act as a proxy. We are currently getting a VM setup our DMZ to for the Security Gateway. We understand that the Security Gateway will need to communicate to the cluster over 8443, but we are unsure what port needs to be opened for the outbound communication.

I am unsure of how the Dynatrace Managed cluster communicates to our nodes we have distributed worldwide. Does the Dynatrace Managed Synthetics go through Mission control to publish the scripts to the synthetic nodes? or does the cluster communicate to them directly through the Security Gateway Proxy?

If anyone has details on the setup process for this, I would greatly appreciate it.

Best Regards,

Adam Sjoerdsma


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

See this doc for how to set up synthetic monitors - it links to the two steps:

The gateway must be able to receive synthetic test data from endpoints around the world so it should be publicly available:

As I don't see any references to having to make changes for outbound communications from the gateway I would bet that the cluster schedules this through it's existing connection to mission control. The gateway is just so it can accept the incoming synthetic data.


Thanks a bunch James!