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Does oneagent service gets started after rebooting the server


Hello there.. !!

We have stopped the Dynatrace Oneagent service on few of the servers for few weeks but we have weekly patching activity on those servers which will reboot the servers.

My question is does Dynatrace Oneagent service gets started after the server reboot through we have stopped the service on them.


Ravi K


if you have disabled OneAgent service, then no, if you just stopped it, then yes

I normally stop OneAgents through the platform UI. OneAgent goes dormant on those hosts, and it's pretty much easier when you want them to start again: you just click it in the UI...

true, but the oneagent will still be listed as "Active" in the services but it you turn off the oneagent service on the host, then yes, once the host restarts, the oneagent service will become activeagain. If you don't want it to, disable the oneagent service