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Does the Security Gateway provide Agent Installers? What would be the DL links?


I couldn't find in the documentation if/how the security gate provides OneAgent installers (it should).

As it's purpose is a gateway, there might not be direct download capabilities from the host where the agent should be installed to the Dynatrace Managed Server.



And if not how does the OneAgent detect that it should connect to the security gateway and not to the server. I guess that needs manual configuration of the OneAgent install?

Documentation on that is a bit vague 🙂


Security gateway does not provide Oneagent installer images. Server does.
You don't have to download the image directly from the machine where oneagent is about to be installed. A single image (per platform) can be used.

AFAIK list of endpoints (server addresses + security gateways list) where agent is about to connect is embedded into the installer at download time.


It would be a cool improvement feature if the security gateway could work as proxy to provide the agent installers. That way a client could use the comfortable download of the agent with it's autoconfig settings without the need of providing the agent via a separate download.

E.g. in the environment UI we know which security gateway is used, provide a wget command that pulls it from the server but proxied via SGW.


Julius L. what about PaaS agent installers for Azure? Dynatrace Extension look to donwload agents through Rest API but I cant publish to Internet my Dynatrace Managed Server. I think that public security gateway should be able to reache to download paasInstallers..but it can't.

Sorry, I don't have any experience with the Azure extensions. But you are right, there are situations when only Dynatrace SGW is reachable. I would open a support ticket for this case.

Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

SGW does proxy API requests which is how the installer is fetched. It does not cache the installers though, it simply acts as a proxy for the requests.

How do you make API call to installer downloads through the GW?
If my SaaS environment is

So API call is for example / v1/time

Although I've been successful for calling the API via security gateway by spoofing the Host header with

curl -H "Host:" https://secgw.local:9999/api/v1/time

When trying to reach the installer download API, it always gives me 500 response code:

curl -H "Host:" "https://secgw.local:9999/api/v1/deployment/installer/agent/unix/paas/latest?Api-Token=abcd123456-123sdqweWS&arch=x86_64&flavor=default
{"error":{"code":500,"message":"Request has timed out."}}