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Does the fact that OneAgent has been updated to the newest version would make the Purepath Collection Failed?

Does this means the purepath collection would only be resumed after the service restart? Or it is fine to leave it like that?



No, the wording in the UI just is a bit missleading, it is stated in the documentation though, that the old version of the agent keeps monitoring till the process is restarted and the new agent is injected.

From the documentation:

Following Dynatrace OneAgent auto-updates, you must restart all server
processes, as some components of Dynatrace OneAgent keep running in
processes that are monitored by Dynatrace (for example, Java, .NET,
Apache, and IIS). These processes will continue to be monitored with the
previous version of Dynatrace OneAgent until they are restarted.
Following restart, these processes will be monitored with the latest
version of Dynatrace OneAgent.

So no PurePath are lost, it would be good though to modify the meassge to read something like

"... Please restart this process to activate the new version of the OneAgent:".

I posted this as an RFE here.


I will also recommend you verify that there is still load for the 1 service on that process by clicking on the service and viewing the throughput chart but like Patrick said, data collection should not be affected.

Hope This Helps



Data collection is not affected during a OneAgent upgrade. Check out what NJ and Patrick have mentioned and check those in the environment.