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Downstream calls not being detected in .net core in linux and reporting them as code time


Dynatrace says the call took 12 seconds, if we go into the purepath we can only see a mysql call and the call only took 9.6ms. So we are missing more than 11 seconds.

Checking the call we can see that the app does 4 request to another service, that are taking this time, but Dynatrace is not detecting the calls.

How can we fix this?


When you go from purepath to response time hostpots what you see there?


It shows just threading information, but wont tell that its actually going downstream and wich is the downstream call

Actually there are two options. One is that dynatrace is showing you the truth and really there are not calls and time is consumed on opening new thread. The other option is that there is some cusom code that is responsible for that calls and you have to create custom service on them to make it visible. But If they really would be external calls they should be possible to find and least on response time hotspots.