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Dynatrace ActiveGate vs. Security Gateway

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Dear All,

Please correct my understanding about the following:

  • Environment ActiveGate is the replacement of Private Security Gateway and
  • Cluster ActiveGate is the replacement of Public Security Gateway

What else is different between Dynatrace ActiveGates and Dynatrace Security Gateways?





Hi Babar,

Your understanding is correct that these are the replacements.

It is just a name change, since it better reflects the functionality the flavours of ActiveGate bring. The differences between private and public SGW is the same differences as the environment/cluster ActiveGate as before (link)

You probably seen Guido's blog post on the matter which explains why we chose to change the names.


Hello @Gary S.

Thank you for pointing me out to the @Guido D. blog where I found the additional information about the “ActiveGate” e.g. this component, now includes AWS monitoring, Azure monitoring, VMware monitoring, OneAgent traffic routing, beacon forwarding, and execution of synthetic HTTP monitors from private infrastructure.



The SGW's had this too but glad it helps

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Babar, you could also have a look at the some help topics:

Supported ActiveGate types

Which ActiveGate type do I need?

Why do I need an ActiveGate?

Hello @Jaroslaw O.

Thank you for the links. I had gone through with them before posting the post, because I wanted to have some endorsement from the other colleagues about my understanding.




Hi @Gary S., @Jaroslaw O.

how to differentiate between Environment vs Cluster Active Gate

from command line in linux ?

You want to check which environment gate is installed via commandline?

Regards, Sebastian

i hope i don't misunderstand the concept of activegate

as i understand, activegate has 2 types, that is "Environment" and "Cluster"

i join a company that they already install the active gate, and i need to determine whether

the activegate is "Environment" or "Cluster".

Question: Is the term "Environment" and "Cluster" is because where activegate is installed regardless the installer binary (I assume this only have 1 type of binary), then I cannot determine which ActiveGate by using command line.

or actually "ActiveGate Environment" vs "ActiveGate Cluster" is 2 different binary, then there is a probablity that i still can use command line to check?