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Dynatrace Cocoapods version 8.227 not available

Frequent Guest

Hi Team , In the Dynatrace documentation i could see Cocoapods 

pod 'Dynatrace' , '~> 8.227'


But when i try to do its giving me error which is not avail yet and without version if i try to install its doing 8.219.1 which looks older. But the latest version 8.227 is avail for Swift package manager and why its not available in cocoapods yet


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Everything up to 8.229 should be available for Cocoapods, Carthage and Swift Package manager.
Regarding Cocoapods, did you just to a `pod install`? You might need to perform either `pod update`, `pod update Dynatrace` to update Dynatrace or other pods or `pod repo update` before `pod install` to check for latest version for Dynatrace or other pod. 

Frequent Guest

@harp : Could you see this screenshot , it still install 8.219.1 version

The screenshot does not reveal the version settings configuration for Dynatrace in the `Podfile` as this impacts what `pod update` does. `pod install` only installs the version stored in `Podfile.lock`.

But more important it seem that you have a custom source specs repo (sbx-ios-pods-iospodspecs) - if that is the case its very likely that your custom specs repo is out of sync with cocopods cdn/master repo! Dynatrace can only take care about the state of our product in the official Cocopods repos, not any custom repos ( or