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Dynatrace Davis assistant Slack Integration


Hi, I am trying to set up Davis assistant for Slack but while linking the account I am not able to select the environment. It seems no environment has been set up. When i click on the attached dropdown, nothing happens.

What does mean by environment here? Do i need to set it up first before i set up Davis assistant. I already have Dynatrace managed running.

Could someone guide me to the next steps please?



Can you see the environments from Davis? You should be able to see them, If not then ensure they are set up then try linking slack


@Chad T. yep I looked into this link

So my dynatrace setup has been hosted internally on corp network and we are using active gate. Do i need to expose it to public network for Davis to work?

so did you follow that document to set up Davis? Being that you are managed, that means you will need an activegate in place and you will need to API token for Davis to Communicate to the environment. Once you have Davis up and Running/Talking, then you can add in the plugins like slack and teams.

And if you have multiple environments, you can access them in the upper right hand corner. If you can see the environments here, then you should be able to select them too at the splunk plugin. If you are unable to, you might need to open a support ticket.



@Chad T. yes i did all those steps and followed the documentation. While configuring I am getting the attached error. That's why i asked does my active gate needs to be publically exposed on the internet?

yes it does need to be publicly accessible. Within your CMC page there should be an option on the activegate box to allow Dynatrace to managed the activegate and give it a public URL. We selected that and then supplied the value provided into the Davis settings and the connection was established.