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Dynatrace IOS App - Is SSO Support for it on the roadmap?


Dynatrace IOS App - Is SSO Support for it on the roadmap?

We would love to be able to use the app for our on call DevOps team...

SSO currently isnt working with the app...


I'm not sure if it is possible to make it work like this.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Yes we are working on that right now to support SSO for our mobile apps for Dynatrace SaaS environments.

Best greetings,


Hi @Wolfgang B. any update when you expect to have this release?

implementation of SAML support for Dynatrace SaaS currently is in its finial stage, so will be available soon

Hello - I see that the main Dynatrace mobile app now support SSO which is great!

However, are there any plans to add SSO to the Dynatrace Synthetic app?

Hi Ben. There are no further updates planned for the Dynatrace Synthetic app.

Thanks 🙂 - is there any roadmap for the main Dynatrace mobile app? I am wondering about features such as filtering mobile push notifications by alerting profile / management zone etc.
As we have a large estate, some people might be seeing alerts or getting notifications for applications they do not want/need to see.