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Dynatrace Infrastrature Healthcheck


Hi Team , Do have any script or commands or options which will help us to know the DT managed heath status on daily basis .We will like to have status of below items on daily basis in report.

1)Cassendra & Elastic Backup

2) All Security gateway up and running fine

3) All DT Node critical processes up and running fine.

4)Node storage utilization.

5)Access to console is fine.




Not sure about a report but view this in https://{identifier}

For additional clarity, be aware that dynatrace managed comes with mission control, meaning the MC team would have alerts into this so if the services did go down for you this would be noticed and fixed.

This information is also found in the logs on a node.


Hello @Gary S.,

Mission control is not covering all aspects of monitoring.

We should have something like we had in appmon(self-monitoring system profile)

Below idea has been posted for the same


Himanshu Mor

Sure, I understand. Then I suggest to vote the RFE there as my above comment is as close as you will reach. It will help our product management if you share your thought and opinions there so we can have a use case for this.

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

1) Cassandra:

\launcher\ status


curl <ip_address>:9200/_cluster/health

2) Security Gateway

curl https://<ip_address>:8443/rest/state> -k -i

3) All node services

\launcher\ status

4) Storage

do it on your own currently - with `du` command

Public REST API to be exposed in the future.

5) Access to console

to check server:


https://<ip_address>:8021/rest/health -k -i

If server is RUNNING then console should work as well. In case you want to be sure you could maybe create a Selenium test or curl/wget ?

Senior Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert

Hi @Radoslaw S.,

A question about 5)

Is there an overview of the different responses /rest/health can give? Can this check be used to see that a node is about to restart?