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Dynatrace Manage Node Restart


Hi Team we have 3 node Manged cluster and we are planing to upgrade physical memory of all the servers. Please help us know what should be the process and sequence we should follow to avoid monitoring outage and keep high availability while doing this activity.


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi Prashant,

when upgrading the hardware you need to make sure that whenever one node is upgraded the other nodes remain operational and you should perform this task outside peak load hours.

So the procedure would be to perform an orderly shut down of the server, upgrade RAM and restart it. Then verify the node has started and is operational before continuing with the next node.

This way you will not lose any monitoring data. Please note that only once your Dynatrace installation is upgraded to the next version the additional memory will be reflected in increased heap sizes for the Java processes of a node. So only when upgrading do we adjust the -Xmx settings for all the Java processes.

Hope that helps,



Thanks for the inputs.