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Dynatrace Managed detected web request different than AppMon



I still using AppMon to monitor prod application, and now I try using Dynatrace Managed for test the development application envy. The plan is I want to migrate from AppMon to the Dynatrace Managed.

But in the dev envy that I monitored, I can see a lot different than in AppMon. Below is the capture of 1 purepath transaction login from AppMon. The login is have a web request uri /maybankid/apps/services/api/RMBP/iphone/query and also in the purepath tree this transaction is calling 4 web service (loginAccess, loginUsername, loginWelcome, and getRMBPUIUXAccountSummary) like below capture

So when I installing oneagent to the dev envy of this application, it seems different. In the Transaction & Services just showing web service, not the web request like /maybankid/apps/services/api/RMBP/iphone/query

Why Dynatrace Managed not detected the web request uri /maybankid/apps/services/api/RMBP/iphone/query like in the AppMon ?




From what I can gather from the screenshots you have an Apache service:

That is the entry point of all the other services in the stack.

And the list of services that you provided in Managed is WebSpheres only from what I can see... I think that you are missing a component. Can you see the Apache Process or Service? (I would check the host for running Process) If the URL is served by the Apache, then you won't see it unless that you instrument the apache process(Restarted) or see why won't instrument? (With OneAgent you shouldn't be doing anything than just a Stop/Start of Apache. Remember that for Apache you need to do a Stop and Start. A Restart won't work).

Getting that out of the way, what you see is the same, but Dynatrace takes the web service endpoint (or Context Root) that provides the interaction and creates services based on that. Once the Apache is instrumented you should see another service (or more) and you should be able to see the exit calls to other services (the WebSphere ones) in the Service Flow.

In the appmon, I instrument 2 app server (Websphere) and 2 web server (IBM HTTP Server), but in the Dynatrace Managed, I only instrument 1 server which is Websphere.

Here is the service details, in the process technology mentioned Apache HTTP client.

So, when the prod envy with 2 app server and 2 web server migrate to Dynatrace Managed, it will show like in the appmon?

Can't really tell. The WebSphere probably shows HTTP since it might have something embedded at low level to serve. In the lower envy you don't have the IBM HTTP Server?

If this:

Is the IBM HTTP Server (That is based in Apache Server) then something similar should show up once you deploy in a server with that tech. That should act as a root purepath for all the calls of the IBM WAS.