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Dynatrace OneAgent Installation on existing AppMon agent server



I got a requirement to install Dynatrace Oneagent in one of the linux boxes in my environment. Currently there are 16 jvm processes running in that box and out of which 12 jvm's got integrated with AppMon java agent already.

I know if we install Oneagent it will disable the AppMon agents but I would like to know is there any other option we can try to keep both agents active?



Hi Muthu,

Hope it is going well in cloud team.

You can have the OneAgent and still have AppMon for a process. Once you install OneAgent, in the deep monitoring make sure to disable deep monitoring for the service which is using AppMon. I answered similar q not long back here.

Looks like the above.

Best of luck to you and all the team there on the cloud move hope it goes well 😉


Hello Gary,

Thank you for your reply. Hope you are doing good.

Cloud Migration is going well and we are nearing the go live!! I'm trying to integrate On-prem ST6 Tibco services but the box also contains ST5/PRDSUP services as well which are connected to AppMon. Will try the above method and hope still we should able to see AppMon agents sending metrics in parallel to OneAgent. Will let you know the outcome.

Thank you and hope will meet you soon 🙂


Good to hear. Yeah leave the definition in the .tra as it is and follow the above - oneAgent will pick up additional services on the host no problem 🙂

Absolutely! Look forward to booking my holiday even quicker in the future then 😉