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Dynatrace OneAgent OverHead Official Documentation


Good Morning.

We have a customer who want official documentation about OneAgent overhead.
I was searching for information in the documentation and didn't find an exact documentation about this.

Can anyone help me with an exact link? Thanks very much.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

I don't think there is or will be an official note on this topic.
Overhead is typically at about 1% of CPU. But it really depends on further configuration (request attributes, collecting of SQL query results, etc), so there will not be a general statement.
Agent also implements throttling - so for example in case of a high load on host, agent may throttle some functionality.
In general, the overhead is so low, that it is probably not measurable.

TEMPEST a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner

Thanks for the information


Hi @Danny G.

There is no "magic number" it all depends on how "busy" your host is. I think that James did a great job answering to similar question here:

Great, Thanks