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Dynatrace SaaS - Share Server with customer politic



During a meeting las
week one customer raised a question about SaaS Dynatrace upgrades behaviour.
Currently they are using AppDynamics SaaS soliution and they share the server
with other customers because they didn't reached the minimum agents to get their
own cloud-server. The thing is that they are bothered because the cloud server
is restarted without asking them for it because of other customer requirements
issues (ther server is shared). They want to know about Dynatrace Saas politic
related sharing the server with other customer.

Thanks in advance.




We all know that AppDynamics doesn't have real SaaS offering and what they have is shared on-prem hosted in the cloud. Due to that fact their customers suffer from cases like the one described here. Our SaaS architecture was designed from ground up with cloud native, multi-tenant massive scale set ups. We run several multi-node clusters and there's no downtime experienced by any of our customers, except scheduled upgrades that everyone is notified in advanced about. There's no way that fixes deployed for one customer affect other customers, not because everyone has its own server, but because the redundant architecture of our cloud clusters prevent such situations.