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Dynatrace SaaS oneagent version update notification


Hi ..How i can be notified when the OneAgent version is updated? I need to setup a change management notification when Dynatrace updates OneAgent to a new version. What are the ways and is there any link that i can look through.


Hi @Keerthana D.

Check deployment status of OA's for your current status

Or from rest api - Topology & Smartscape - Host

If you want to control the update manually, switch off the automatic update.



Do you have an idea if the timestamp value in the API results is when it was installed, or some time related to when the agent was developed/released?

Hi @Antonio S.

The timestamp is the released time of the OA version


Should have seen that all timestamps are the same for all hosts, so it makes sense to be the OA version. Thanks!

Is there a way for us to have notification when dynatrace version updates? Like need to send a notification for the teams.

Hi @Keerthana D.

For automatic updates there is no way to get alerts of update OOTB.

You can control the updates manually.