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Dynatrace agent on K8S

DynaMight Mentor
DynaMight Mentor


For K8S the most easy way to deploy Dynatrace on a K8S cluster, would be to install the agents directly on the hosts.

Why in the documentation does it then say the prefered way is by Kubectl etc?

KR Henk


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Using the Dynatrace Operator (via Kubectl) will create a DaemonSet on each node. So if you scale your nodes, or replace them, you can feel confident it will be there.

Additionally, we continue to add new features to the Operator that do not exist on the host agent. In a few weeks, for example, you will be able to deploy both the OneAgent, as well as the containerized ActiveGate for Kubernetes monitoring, using the Operator.

Hope that makes sense.