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EAP: Management Zones: can't use host group name as


Hello (Guido?),

I'm starting to use Management Zones. Great stuff! I've already configured a few on one cluster and it works fine, but when I tried to do the same configuration on another cluster I can't create a rule that uses 'Host Group Name' as a filter for the management zone.
I certainly do have two hosts that have hostgroups set, but when selecting the matching condition in the Management Zone it's not applied (the rule just stays 'Service'), regardless of using Services, Hosts,...


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi Reinhard,

great to hear that management zones work for you. Host groups are not generally available yet, and there is an internal feature flag that allows you to use the host group name in tagging rules and for management zones. So I am guessing that this is enabled for one cluster, but not the other. You need to request this feature to be enabled for each cluster.

Hope that helps,



Hi Guido,

that was in fact the case! It got a bit confusing as host groups were working but not the filtering based on those. I thought one goes along with the other.

Continuing to explore management zones. Looking good so far...we will need an API to create them, does that already exist maybe?