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Error in signature verification for OneAgent (kubernetes)


Hi all,


we have managed to correctly monitor the kubernetes cluster from a previous environment and all works fine!


We repeat the steps that have worked in the previous environment ( and when we apply the cr.yaml the OneAgent is not verified after the download:


oc logs dynakube-alc1-pro-classic-f244x -n dynatrace


10:11:13 Started agent deployment as a container, PID 392707.

10:11:14 Downloading agent to /tmp/ via

10:11:14 Download complete

10:11:14 Downloaded version:

10:11:14 Verifying agent installer signature

10:11:14 Error: Agent installer signature verification failed, openssl cms returned: 2

10:11:14 Error: Error reading S/MIME message

139644288264000:error:0D0D40D2:asn1 encoding routines:SMIME_read_ASN1:no multipart body failure:crypto/asn1/asn_mime.c:416:

as I said, the configuration was same one that is working in previous environment with skipCertCheck: true


So,  ¿any idea in what's wrong in production environment?


Regards, Josep Maria



make sure your AG has it set to ignore certs in the config file. I think that's what hung us up before.