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Exclude web request from being monitored

Hi ,

Is there a way to exclude web request from being monitored? For example we don't want to see health check request ....



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

I believe you're referring to how you would do this in AppMon correct?

Hi Nathan,

As James already said, that is the way to do it with AppMon, the question here is how to do so with DynaTrace Managed / SaaS.


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hey @Yos N. I'm assuming you are talking about health check requests within a service. I'm not sure about exclusions, but I'd like to suggest creating a web request naming rule for the service providing those health checks. If you edit the service, you should see 'Web Request Naming Rules' listed. You can define a name such as 'Health Checks', and the naming rule will group the health check requests under that name. This is so that you wont' see multiple health checks listed when you look at the requests.

Hi Kayan,

Some prospects ask us not to monitor certain web request's (heath check was just example)... so we are looking for the way to exclude those services from being monitored.

Any way thanks for the renaming idea .... We have been there looking for exclude 🙂




That's a good question, and I have the same. Too bad no one has an idea on how to exclude a certain kind of requests, because it would be useful here too.

I hope my message will give a new visibility to this question.



Hey Clement,

Have you tried Muting the request? It does not stop this from being monitored but it ensures it does not distort the overall response times of your service charts. See details on how to mute a request here



Hi @Ugochukwu N.

It looks like a good solution. I read the article you mention, but we are using Dynatrace AppMon (instead of Managed). So it does not apply.


This is the Dynatrace forum so answers will assume you're using Dynatrace. You can do this in AppMon by editing the sensor configurations and using the URI filter as described in this documentation:

If that doesn't answer your question please post in the AppMon and UEM forum.


You are right. I did post in AppMon forum and got a good solution from there. Thanks.

And glad to see that this thread is now answered 🙂

Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi all

You can now exclude noisy exceptions and URLs to be monitored through the Deep Monitoring option under the Server-side Monitoring (Settings -> Server-side service monitoring -> Deep monitoring).


Hi Axel,

Do you know what version this feature is enabled in? I don't see this option in our on premise instance as yet.



The Settings -> Server-side service monitoring -> Deep monitoring does not excluded URLs on .Net core services.