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Field Extraction in Log Monitoring v2


Prior to my company switching from Log Monitoring v1 to v2, I had this field extraction:



This extracted field allowed me to chart cycle times.


It appears this field extraction feature was removed from Log Monitoring v2.  

Is there another way to generate a time series, so I can chart cycle times? 


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I too am having an issue with this.  "Thinking" v2 would have better functionality, I opted to enable it yesterday.  While the search and filtering function is better than v1 by way of using the facets navigation, the field extraction function was removed.  I also lost all previous queries I had painstakingly setup and without the field extraction function in place, it looks like I'm not going to be able to recreate these queries.  I also think the documentation could be significantly better.  While using the community is beneficial, I generally read documentation repeatedly and exhausting all other avenues before using the community.  In addition to this, I would like to assign log attributes to various fields and columns to be used for splitting and reporting.  How do you do this?  I'm guessing by way of the API, but once again, it's not fully documented.

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When does the log parsing functionality get deployed for Log Monitoring v2?

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Any update from Dynatrace on this topic ? It seem that it is not possible to achieve this ?