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Frequent Data Drops In Dynatrace Managed


Hi All,

I am facing frequent data drops in Dynatrace Managed for all the applications and Agents connected to my Cluster as shown below.

Please help


Are you sure that is related to Dynatrace? Did you checked Server log?


That's what we need to figure out. I have raised this to Dynatrace support they are analysing the logs.


Hi! Does it show when checking CPU/RAM graph from hosts too?

I was having this kind of behavior. After speaking with Support and checking logs it was an ntp sync failure. Cluster / collector / Agent Host where all out of sync, sending data from the future from the cluster point of view. Check NTP from all host.

Yes, CPU/RAM metrics are fine no drop was observed in those metrics. I have checked with server support team according to them the servers were not synched with local NTP server they have done the changes and updated the time with local NTP server.


Hi Mohit,

Did you see any problem created for this behavior in dynatrace or you just noticed this by yourself. We have seen this behavior few days back and monitoring was unavailable for short time period.