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From where can we manually download Dynatrace Synthetic Recorder?

Hi guys,

Customer using dynatrace Managed from internal network that is not expose to the internet thus can not download Dynatrace Synthetic Recorder extension.

From where can we download CRX in order to move it into their network?



Found this site - and gave it the id of the extenuation pbnfcaobikkbealhienfilklacghhgoi got the crx file

Hi Yos,

I had a customer try out the following method to install the synthetic recorder but they are unable to record sessions. Were you able to record sessions after downloading the file with this method?

Hi Anthony

Yes it works , please verify that the extension is allowed in incognito

Hi Yos,

download doesnt work anymore for the latest version.

Error message:

Empty Extension!

Could not download the extension because Google returned an empty file.

An e-mail has been sent to the developers.

Where do I get the latest version downloaded as crx.file? I am missing an official site to get this source.


Dynatrace Participant
Dynatrace Participant

Thank you for verifying this Yos! I will have the customer double check this.