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Hello I want to do POC of Dynatrace One. currently we are using Dynatrace 7.0. I want to understand the process and understand the benefits of upgrading to Dynatrace One. Also do we have any template available.


- pros and cons

- can we migrate the BT and Data, Dashboards ?



Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hello Ramakrishnan,
The best way to start exploring the conversion process from AppMon 7.0 to Dynatrace is by contacting your local Dynatrace resource. They can walk you through all of your questions and help you understand the process of converting licensing from AppMon to Dynatrace.

Thanks Brian. can you provide the contact of local dynatrace resource? i am basically from Bangalore , India.

Hi, find your local Dynatrace resource here:

In the meantime there is nothing stopping you from using the free trial. Let your local resource know you are taking part in the free trial and I am sure they will help you make the most of it.