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Host groups and Solaris - Is this possible?

99% sure I know the answer to this and its ugly, but looking to confirm. Is it possible to set host groups on Solaris? Thanks!


Well looking at this and trying to locate any sign of oneagentutil on the Solaris servers is leading me to believe that it is not supported.

In fact, everything I have found around host groups in terms of docs does not point to Solaris at all.

Unfortunately the docs do not specifically call it out either way that I can find anyway.

So I asked Dynatrace and the response is....

"Host Groups in Solaris is not currently possible. It's definitely something on our team's radar, but I have no ETA of it coming or not."

Is there anyone from Dynatrace who can comment when this will be available?

@Dynatrace - Is this still on your radar? If so, is there an ETA?

There is no public ETA at this time. Perhaps you can explore using tags and/or management zones to satisfy the use case.


Dear All,

Do we have any further updates on this topic?

Especially, host groups configuration via the command-line interface.



While I can not answer for Dynatrace, I would really not expect to see enhancements of any kind around Solaris. It's a dead OS for the most part so I can't exactly blame them. I would not invest in Solaris either at this point.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Although Host Groups are not possible on Solaris, there is the possibility to use DT_CUSTOM_PROP to separate process groups: