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How can I detect Lock tables in Oracle??


I'm facing the problem to detect lock tables, the application goes down twice and I couldn't detect them with Dynatrace SaaS. The database is Oracle RAC 12c.

Can you help me?


From dynatrace (only) you will not have access to such informations. You can see only ORA exceptions on transactions.

this feature may give you some extra insights about your DB. But in most cases help of DBa would be priceless.


I know. On the other hand I see that Oracle RAC is not supported yet.

You’re right, it’s probably because of how engine works. In general I would look for slow or failed queries in Dynatrace in timeframe near locks. Then you should send them to DBA for analysis I think.


In this case I need to reconfigure database failures detection to notify problem near to lock. Is that right?

If you want to be alerted in such case you will be because of failure rate and slowdown on DB. You don’t need to configure anything more. But when you want just analysis you can filter data you already have.