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How can I tell if a custom process group detection rule is working?


I want to break out instances of NServiceBus.Host.exe by their command line arguments using Custom process group detection rules. I specified the executable name as NServiceBus.Host.exe with the correct Executable Path and Command Line Parameters. Where will I see the different process groups? Do I need to restart them?


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor


process group detection rules can indeed break out process instances based on
command line arguments (though please kindly see my final remark). Process groups
created by custom process group detection rules do not currently automatically
appear in Technology Overview. In order to navigate to them, you should go
through a specific process group instance on the host screen.

Once you
have configured custom process group detection rules, please go to the screen
of the host where given process group instance is running. Please note that
custom process groups are not displayed on the main host screen. You should
navigate to the ‘all processes’ screen. There, you should see your custom
process group instance. When you click process group instance in question you
will be taken to its screen, from where you can navigate to process group
screen via the ‘View process group’ button.

If on one
host you have processes belonging to different custom process groups, you
should see their instances as separate entries on the ‘all processes’ screen. At
the time of this answer creation there is no additional screen, which allows
for side-by-side comparison of custom process groups.

Please note
that both on process group instance screen and on the process group screen you
will see the command line arguments you have used to distinguish your

process group detection does not require any restarts to monitored processes.
As soon as OneAgent receives new configuration, it will be applied. It shouldn’t
take more than a minute before you are able to see result of your configuration

As a final
remark, please note that custom process grouping is available only for process
types that are not automatically discovered by Dynatrace. If, before your
changes, your processes are not of type ‘other’, this method cannot be used to
divide processes into multiple process groups.

Please let
us know if we may be of further assistance related to custom process grouping
or any other Dynatrace functionality.




Thanks for that. The process is NOT type "Other". It is .NET. Thus, none of this seems to be taking effect. I saw the there is "Enhanced Process Group Detection" in version 124 (, but it only appears for Java. Are there plans to get this working in .NET?