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How do I retrieve the tenant token from the Dynatrace UI for a multitenancy security gateway?



At one of my clients we've been working on installing private security gateways from one datacenter to another one. The security gateway is serving two environments (ACC and PRD) so we wanted to connect the Security gateway to two tenants.

After reading the Dynatrace documentation about multitenant security gateways (link), we started implementing it. In the documentation it states that we need to fill out the configuration as following:

tenant = <tenant1>;<tenant1_token>
tenant = <tenant2>;<tenant2_token>

When looking at other documentation about tenant tokens or access tokens (link) we could not find any direct link to a tenanttoken. The api-token from the "deploy-dynatrace"-page has a length of 21 characters, but the tenanttoken on an installed agent differs from this. We worked through all available Dynatrace tokens within the Managed instance but all the tokens we could find had a length of atleast 21 and not 16.

This is for example a Api-token used for installation (partly masked for privacy, each * is a character): "RN04Pi3ZPbuQh0*******"
This is a result tentanttoken with a length of 16-characters in the agent configuration after a installation (partly masked for privacy, each * is a character):


In the ruxitconfig of the agent there is a tenantToken which has a length of 16. Because it was quite a high priority change I used the 16-length token from two agent installations and this worked. We could not find any way to retrieve a token which has a length of 16-characters.

Does anyone know any way to retrieve a tenantToken with a length of 16 characters from the Dynatrace managed interface? Or can we also use the 21 character length token for the tenantToken? The documentation is not clear about this.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

The token that is in the ruxitconfig file is exactly the one that you can find in the referenced by you manual page:

at the bottom. It's the one that is at the end of download URL.

Let me know if that worked.

Senior Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert

Hey Radowslaw,

Thank you for the quick reply. So it doesn't matter if I use the 21 character token or the 16 character token, it should still work? Because the token from the deploy dynatrace does not have the same format/length as the tenanttoken.. Doesn't it seem odd that the system uses different formats for the same kind of token?

Kind regards,