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How do I separate request from my public service


I am working with a public service( I have defined two automatic tags(prod and tst). Both tst and prod requests are showing up in my public service. How to I separate them out of my service and have prod and tst end up in their own services.


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Open the Requests to Public Network and click on view reqeusts:

Then filter on a domain by clicking on it in the Top Domains at the bottom of the page. You will then be able to separate the domain into a distinct service via the context menu:

Not sure of how to get to the context menu after I apply the filter?

I was able to create several separate services using the "Monitor as a separate service" button. But I can't find a way to list all these services that were created. They only appear in "Transactions and services" when actual traffic is collected to these endpoints. But where can I list all these custom services and manage them? (delete, modify, etc)

There is no global way to do this afik, you need to get inside each service. Once you split them, each uri becomes it's own service.

Unless you do it through the Service Detection API, and add a tag at the rule, and then search for that tag. That way you can manage each service (uri) with a different rule or a General rule for all of them.


I was able to filter fine, but how do I get to the context menu with filter in tact.

I skipped a step in my answer. I edited it to make it more clear.