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How is managed the oneagent auto-update system in an offline Dynatrace-Managed cluster?


Hello everyone!

My customer chose to deploy Dynatrace-Managed in offline mode (no connection to Mission Control).

With this kind of configuration, we will have to upgrade the Dynatrace server manually.

But do we also have to update the oneagent manually or does the auto-update system work without Mission Control?

Does the oneagent get the last version from the Dyntrace-Managed server to update the hosts anyway?

Thanks for your help.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Together with Dynatrace Cluster updates you will receive OneAgent and Security Gateway updates via email. This needs to be applied to your Dynatrace server and will be added to your repository of available updates.

Once new OneAgent update is available your existing hosts will be notified of it. This should tell you more what are the options - exactly the same as in SaaS or Managed online license:

Hope you find it helpful!

Technical Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert

Thank you Radoslaw for your quick answer.

Very helpful.