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How to add hostgroup to an OpenShift pod "host"



What is the way to add host group to an Kubernetes/OpenShift pod.





DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

What is your use case?


Pods won't appear as hosts normally, only if you use PaaS Monitoring and don't install an agent on the worker node or use the operator.


There also is enough meta data for things like process group separation in k8s anyway, so host group separation shouldn't be needed for it.






Thanks for your reply, yes pod doesnt appear as host. so for example there are multiple worker nodes which i need to filter it through host group but failed understand where i need to inject that parameter in case if k8s. 

There is no need to use host groups, if it's just for filtering for specific criteria.


Have a look at Tags and Management Zones.

@pahofmann My use case is while deploying oneagent operator host group should be injected so automatically it will tagged with Management Zone and filer would be easier then other filter options.

Well, host groups can only be applied to the worker nodes not on a pod level.


But tags and management zones are pretty easy to setup. You can filter/tag based on all the criteria of the pods like namespace, pod/container name, k8s labels already on the pods, .... 

So very few rules should be needed.