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How to backup an instrumented aplication within Dynatrace Managed configuration


We have a situation with one custormer: for any reason the app pool create a new worker process with a new PID.... the dynatrace managed agent lost the configuration within this new worker process and we have to manually reconfigure the hole application configurations that we already made!

it is posible to have a backup in the server node for this type of situation?

How to backup an instrumented aplication within Dynatrace Managed configuration?





Hi Robert,

Backing up of configurations in Dynatrace environments is not currently possible. However, I'd like a bit more understanding around your problem. You mention backing up of "application" settings, but then speak about a "process". Can you include some screenshots or a bit more explanation of what settings you'd like to have backed up? I'm thinking there may be better ways to configure things you're monitoring (i.e. process group detection rules possibly) to achieve what you're looking for.



Thank you Hayden,

the guardian open a case for this trouble, i hope you can go and check this issue. Here i can share the last comments from the case:

also a bit from the description of the guardian itself:

hope you can follow this!



hi again, we are still trying to figure how to solve this type of trouble. Yes like you mentioned a process and application think about both settings. Our dashboards were full of settings, process, views, key metrics etc., then cause this trouble happens to be, all these setting do not work no more. Suddenly we lost all that configurations and the guardian has to recreate and reconfigure it from 0. Lets said we have an IIS process or app pool with PID 001 and all the info from that IIS was mapped to all dashboards, and suddenly the PID of the IIS app pool change and Dynatrace oneagent do not associate all the mapped info to the new created PID 002 for the same server, same IIS , Same Application, service.... all that is left is to start from 0 to reconfigure this new IIS ?? that what we are having trouble to understand.

is there are any files to backed up all that info so we can just not to reconfigure from 0?