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How to create a custom report in Dynatrace?


I would like to create a custom report in Dynatrace for problems or alerts or server level, can
anyone share the details.


There is no option for creating custom reports. You have to export those data via API to external BI software and create report there.


Thank you for your swift response
on this one.

Just to confirm, today in 2019 we still not able to create custom reports right?

You are correct

@Miguel R. Please review my comment as there is a work around for a custom report functionality.

Thank you,



@Miguel R., There is a solution in place for creating custom reports. While as of Dec. 13, 2019 there is still no official custom report set up, they have made progress in a report style functionality. To put this solution in place it is quite simple.

Dynatrace has implemented the feature to utilize the dashboard page as the "report" in essence. This can be done By creating a New Dashboard, Lets call it, 'Monthly Report'. Now fill the dashboard with the info graphics you'd like such as Application health, host health, Services failure rates, Host CPU usage Top 3 Low disk space hosts etc.. The possibilities of custom tiles are endless! Dot forget the new feature of attaching management zones and time frames to individual tiles as well! This will allow you to put a time frame of 24 hours on one tile but 30 days on others.

Once you have your 'Monthly Report' Dashboard, its time to turn on the report functionality by selecting the '...' in the upper right hand corner and selecting "Share" From this page you can now select how this dashboard is accessed: if its publicly view able without a dyantrace login or not; if its pushed to the everyone in the entire environment; or if you want to define the roles of individual users who have access to the dashboard.

Dynatrace is continuing to work on this functionality, from my understanding the next step with this reporting of dashboards would be to allow the dashboard to be exported as a PDF, as well as allow users to subscribe to a dashboard that has been configured to be a report style dashboard. This would then allow users to be alerted as well as receive a PDF of a defined dashboard to their email, essentially fulfilling that report request.

Dynatrace is still working on these solutions and feedback would always be welcomed via a Request for Enhancement (RFE). Your feedback and ideas will help them formulate a solution.

Thank you,



@Miguel R. Good news! i Just saw a demo of the subscription feature with the dashboards/reporting!!!! keep an eye out as it should be in full swing by the end of Q1!!! Very exciting Demo!!!