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How to create a personalized group of process to see the resources consumption in detail?


Hi, I followed all the steps in to create a custom process group, but it didn't work.

Actually, my environment has been gotten problems with CPU consumptions and more than 60% of this resourse usage is taken by "other" process that Dynatrace doesn't sort automatically. So I created the custom groups, but all the process that I set (like monitoring, backup, etc) is still labeled as "other process".


Did you make restart of those processes after process group definition?


Hi Sebastian. Thanks for the answer. Now, I restarted both oneagent and some of the personalized process, but all of them is still shown as other process. What a think too strange is the low level of cpu usage by oracle reported and the high cpu usage by these "other process"".When I see the resources consumption locally in the OS, I got a higher usage for Oracle, specially for the clients and web/application server connections that aren't local.

Rise support ticket than. This has to have some explanation

This just means the consumption is still by a process that is not being directly known.

For CPU or RAM usage Dynatrace shows just known processes and everything else is "Other processes". Including kernel processes.