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How to deal with request attribute on an entity selector ?




I want to create a management zones rules with all services which contains a specific request attribute name or a specific request attributes key/value.


With management Zones rules :

So I tried to do it on management zones settings but the request attribute property is not available on the list with a monitored entity rule type : 


So I thought i could do it with a entity selector with something like that :


But the property "requestAttribute doesn't exist.


With Automatic tag rules :

I can't create an automatic Tag rule based on request attributes for the same reasons.


With Dynatrace API :

I use the entity api to get information on a service which contain my request attribute and the request attribute doesn't appear on the response. 

So I suppose this property is not related to service but to request.

And the request attributes configuration api doesn't help in my case.


Is there another way to deal with request attributes key:values on Dynatrace ?


thank you for your help.



Observability consultant - Dynatrace Associate/Pro/Services certified

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor


I don't believe this is currently possible to create tag, management zone, etc. using a request attribute.  Would you mind explaining your use case?  There may be an alternative way.


Hello @bradley_danyo 

We have configured our load testing solution to send specific http headers (load test name,step name, ...) and we collect them on Dynatrace through request attributes.

QA team doesn't have knowledge on all applications so the goal is to help them to identify all entities (services, process groups and hosts) impacted during a test on Dynatrace .

Using automatic management zones based on request attribute values will help to have a unique dashboard for QA Tests and QA team just need to select the management zone corresponding to the name of test.

Thank you.

Regards Aurélien.

Observability consultant - Dynatrace Associate/Pro/Services certified


So as I mentioned above, I don't believe this is currently possible to create tag, management zone, etc. using a request attribute.  However, you should be able to create some type of environment tag and create management zones based on that tag.  You can check out the below document on best practices regarding integrating load testing tools with Dynatrace.

Thank you