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How to get Nagios Logs



I installed oneAgent in infrastructure mode on my Ubuntu server 16.04.3 LTS and I have my Nagios Core running. This Nagios monitors some network device like switchs, routers, Access point etc. I want to know how to configure Dynatrace to monitor Nagios process and/or retrieve nagios logs.

For exemple, how to configure Dynatrace to read Nagios log saved under /usr/local/nagios/var/nagios.log

Thank you in advance for your help



For configuration of log analytics (adding custom logs and events) see this guide -

For monitoring the process itself (availability), you have to go to the setting of the process group (probably named nagios). Just open the host where nagios is installed, then show all processes and open the nagios process. Edit the process group (menu item in the "3 dots" icon) and setup availability monitoring.



Thank you for your answer. The problem is that I don't see the nagios process inside my host where Nagios is installed.


Did you try to look at all detected processes using the "All process" button ?

If Dynatrace detects a process of one of known process groups (java/tomcat/nodejs/apache/....) it's displayed directly on the host screen. If it's not one of those, but it has opened a listening socket (TCP/UDP) connection, it's in the all processes window.

If it's not a process from known process groups and it does not have socket connection opened, it won't be shown even in the All processes window. For those processes you need to setup a new process group using "Settings" -> "Monitoring" -> "Process group detection" and setup "Custom process group detection rules". Then wait few minutes and if it matches your defined rules, you can see it (only in "All processes" window).

If logs are not detected for a process, you can setup them using the "3 dots" and Edit -> Log monitoring in the screen for a process.

Hello ! perfect thank you ! Now I can see my new process "Nagios" and I configured it to use 3 customs log files. I just have another question regarding the configuration of "Custom process group detection rules". I must set the field "Executable path". It is the binary executable or the process that I must enter ? In my case, I set it to : /usr/local/nagios/bin/nagios

Correct. You have to set to to the full path of the executable. That's how running processes are being matched for individual process groups. You may have several nagios processes from different paths running on same host.