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How to scope network link specification from customer DC to Dynatrace Server?



I am working on scoping a Dynatrace environment with a potential customer. There may be thousands of hosts in many DCs. What is the process for scoping the network link requirement between their DCs and our SaaS hosted Dynatrace Cluster?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Maybe Dynatrace Managed will be easier to deploy there? I assume there is a network connection between DCs? If so, you can deploy Dynatrace Managed in one DC.

The scenario is slightly different as Dynatrace will be deploying a dedicated cluster for this customer in AWS. There may be scope to deploy this in Azure to limit the amount of outbound traffic, but this hasn't been scoped/priced. How would we scope the network requirement for a Dynatrace deployment?

Managed can be installed in Azure as well.

Anyway, network link requirements depend on the traffic being monitored.

Yes, I appreciate that - are they any guidelines for scoping this network link? Is there a list of the considerations needed before providing a recommendation?

The likelihood is that the customer will have >1k monitored hosts with some full stack, some infrastructure and some RUM. I know there are many variables here, but do we have a ballpark figure per host in terms of the bandwidth required?

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

According to @Helmut S. - "We calculate about 10kB/s
per host - that is what we see as an average"