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I cannot find how to rename a process. Is it possible and how?


you can change process group naming rules which will affect processes as well.



@sebastian Thanx for your response. I have tried to rename the process group, but I cannot figure out how to do it in the way to have a different name for processes in the process group. i.e. as described in the attached document, how to rename precesses in the process group: “WebSphere AS ctgCell01 UICluster” from using duplicate names for the diferent processes:

3 processes named: “WebSphere AS ctgCell01 UICluster (YVWMXNode01)”

3 processes named: “WebSphere AS ctgCell01 UICluster (YVWMXNode02)”

To different names for each process:

“WebSphere AS ctgCell01 UICluster (YVWMXNode01:MXUI1)”

“WebSphere AS ctgCell01 UICluster (YVWMXNode01:MXUI2)”

“WebSphere AS ctgCell01 UICluster (YVWMXNode01:MXUI3)”

“WebSphere AS ctgCell01 UICluster (YVWMXNode02:MXUI4)”

“WebSphere AS ctgCell01 UICluster (YVWMXNode02:MXUI5)”

“WebSphere AS ctgCell01 UICluster (YVWMXNode02:MXUI6)”

Probably the best way here would be to use the DT_CLUSTER_ID and DT_NODE_ID variables for each WAS instance.

See my answer in this thread.

Thanx Julius. This looks promising. I'll try and see how I go. The trouble is this is in prod env and I don't know when the servers will be restarted, so very difficult to test if this will work.


It has to be restarted anyway.
Actually, I'd recommend setting the variables this way, so for the first node:

  • DT_CLUSTER_ID=ctgCell01_UICluster

And set the DT_NODE_ID accordingly for other nodes.

This will result in all WAS processes being the same group and with the node identifier.

Since this is a load balancing cluster (I believe this is IBM SCCD or Maximo Asset Management given those cluster names), it should not a big deal if you restart it one by one.

Good guess and thanx again. I agree with you on the restart, but I don't have admin rights to WAS console. I cannot be bothered raising a CR for restart, so I have to wait until it gets restarted for some other reason. I am quite sure that your suggestion will achieve what I want to do, so thanx once more.

Using DT_CLUSTER_ID & NODE_ID variables, It is working correctly. we have tested and able to see the JVM's names.